Our Vision

Our goal is to provide fresh, simple, & delicious comfort food while maintaining strong relationships with small family owned farms and growers in the area. We believe that consumers should have the right to know what exactly is in their food. For this reason we use the most sustainable, local, and organic products available to us during any given season.


The Farmacy was founded by Chef/Owners Ross Scofield & Danielle Coulter. This power couple took on West Philadelphia in hopes to make a difference in the way people eat, and spend money. By supporting their small business, you are supporting tons of other small businesses and farmers. You're also supporting organic and sustainable farming! 

Since, a second Location called The Farmacy Nj Opened mid-2018. This brings the restaurant closer to the farms and opens up more opportunity for fresh, local products. 

Early 2019 The Farmacy's first location closed. This enabled the team to put all of their focus into one place, and take their vision to the next level. 

Vegetable Garden
Organic Carrots

Local. Fresh. Comfort Food.